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Saxmonica Evolution

Saxmonica Generation 2 $90


Saxmonica Generation 1 $75


Gen 2 Upgrade Kit $35


Saxmonica App

Download the App for custom backing tracks , easy tutorials and all the tips and tricks to help you master the Saxmonica 



Saxmonica Gen 1

Get started with this cool little instrument. 

Develop your breathing and timing and start jamming within days.

Saxmonica Gen 2

The full kit. 

Jam over all the important keys. 

Blues , Jazz , Reggae , Rock, 

Master a new sound.


The Saxmonica is an ideal start out instrument for anyone wishing to move on to a full size Saxophone or other wind instrument. 

Easy to play, easy too carry ,

Easy to Jam 

Checkout the App

World Wide Shipping

Anywhere for $ 20

We ship daily out of California for USA, Canada, Mexico.

And out of Hong Kong for the rest of the world. Expected delivery time 7 to 10 days.

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