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Saxmonica $85.00 + $20.00 Shipping USA


Saxmonica $75 plus shipping


Saxmonica + 1 Sax Hack $120


Sax Hack


We have upgraded our app to include several new features.

Jamz.kiwi is a new musical playground including all links to Saxmonica tutorials.,

Check it out and have a play.


Saxmonica Gen 1

Get started with this cool little instrument. 

Develop your breathing and timing and start jamming within days.

Saxmonica Gen 2

The full kit. 

Jam over all the important keys. 

Blues , Jazz , Reggae , Rock, 

Master a new sound.


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Saxmonica Tutorials

The Saxmonica is an ideal start out instrument for anyone wishing to move on to a full size Saxophone or other wind instrument. 

Easy to play, easy to carry ,

Video tutorials and backing tracks at

Saxmonica tutorials Youtube


World Wide Shipping

We ship out of Hong Kong Monday to Friday. Estimated delivery time 7 to 10 days.

Under current shipping condition , there are delays to some countries.  We hope this will change soon. 

Saxmonica Reeds


Our reeds are good but not great. The recommended reeds are Rico Royal Tenor Sax reeds. If you are just starting out buy a packet of 1.5s. And when you are getting good tones step up to a 2.5. This will help a lot in the early stages. They are readily available from most music stores and Amazon.

Testing New Tubes Cambodia

Easy Tunes for Saxmonica

Getting Started

First Things

Dip your reed in water for a few minutes.

Get a consistent squeak out of the neck and mouth piece.

Position the  mouth piece ensuring you don't stop the reed vibrating.  

Blow hard and develop the Saxmonica squeak. 

Follow tutorials on the app/youtube 

Getting started

In the box and set up.

Blend Saxmonica with Garage band

Easy tunes

Saxmonica & www.jamz.kiwi

The Saxmomnica is a wonderful little instrument that once learnt will stay with you for life. It can be taken and played anywhere and will definitely help with your understanding of music.

Jamz.kiwi is a new platform we have developed to give all the unknown musicians another outlet to display their creations.

We are currently in Beta testing stage and you are most welcome to try this platform out. You can live stream , meet other musicians and collaborate.

Create and upload so others can see what you have made .

You create it , so we can appreciate it