Sax Hack

Changing the sound of the Saxophone forever.
This amazing hook that connects your phone to your Sax
gives you full studio sound on the move.
Stream your favorite tracks and layer it up with studio sound.
Run it through garage band or other production software and
stream over bluetooth.
Step up your sound with the Sax Hack  
Great for recording, busking or just ripping in your garage. 
Available now. 
We 3 D print these individually so there will be a little delay on delivery. 
approx 14 days 

 the deal. 

1 Saxmonica 

1 Sax Hack 

$100 plus freight 

Order here and we will ship immediately
The Saxmonica is the greatest little training instrument for the real deal.
Great for keeping your embouchure working and
keep your improvisations skills up.
If you don't want it give it too a kid or a friend
It's  a great present as once you develop you
Saxmonica skills then its an easy step up to a  sax.