About Us

The Saxmonica was developed in New Zealand as a cool little easy to use instrument. It was designed by non musicians for anybody that wants an easy path into music. 
It fits in your pocket, hence you can easily  take it anywhere and play anywhere.
It produces a beautiful sound that is easily achievable by anybody with a little effort.
At the same time we produced the Saxmonica App that fully supports the instrument. It contains a great range of backing tracks customised for the Saxmonica along with a full suite of tutorials , all the tips and trick needed to master this instrument.
It's made out of epoxy polymers that are unbreakable giving it a 1000 year plus life span. 
Its genuinely a great little instrument.  
It's cheap and its fun.  Its perfect for developing breathing , mouth muscles and timing.
You can freestyle or jam to any music genre. 

Tube   1

Scale   B C D E F G A

Will Play intuitively over the following keys 

C,    B minor,  F,   A minor, E

Tube 2

Scale    B C D E F sharp A G 

Will play intuitively over the following keys.

C,  A,  G,  E 

Original  Tube  

(the long one)  

The Saxmonica scale   

Will play intuitively over C  minor , G Minor  E Eminor


If you look closely there is a little number 1 or 2

at the upper end of the tube