Saxmonica Generation 2


Generation 2 Plays over 9 Keys giving you a massive range and variety of music to play along too.  


Thanks to a successful Kickstarter project in 2018 we now have finished the generation 2 Saxmonica. 6 new features to take the Saxmonica sound to epic new heights. 2 new lower tubes with completely new scales and keys Great new App features New custom designed mouth piece Virtual reality jam tracks Custom colours Meditation sounds 

Thanks very much to everybody that helped us to get started. With the assistance and support of everybody that backed us for the initial Kickstarter campaign we have been able to continue the development of the Saxmonica sound taking it to great new places. We now have our manufacturing and distribution method very 

well developed so although the initial development stage of the 

Saxmonica took longer than anticipated we are very pleased with the outcome. More importantly we have now reduced our development and distribution time significantly. This means that we can easily meet our production and distribution goals. We have added 6 great new features to the Saxmonica that we can now share with you.

2 new tubes to give you a massive range of sounds 


The 2 new tubes combined with the Space Jazz and many more 

beautifully composed backing tracks gives the Saxmonica a massive 

increase in range. The original tube plays to many beats and backing tracks but 

for those of you who really want to play mainstream blues, reggae and 

jazz In the more popular keys we have created the 2 new Jam tubes. This will allow you to jam to hundreds of thousands more of the mainstream blues jazz, reggae and other genres that are readily available on line. It’s a game changer for anyone that really wants to play and develop their Saxmonica sound in the more popular keys. With the additional Jam tubes the Saxmonica has gone from a 

great toy to a serious instrument that’s a must have for aspiring 

 players. You basically have a full blown regular sax in your pocket. 

 App improvements 


We are creating hundreds of extra backing tracks to give you many hours of great music that you can play over. From meditation tracks that suit the original tube along with

many more rock, jazz, blues and reggae tracks in other popular keys. If you can play over the top of these you will find that you 

will be able to jam with almost every blues, reggae and jazz band out 

there. We have added new feature on the app that allows you to jam with reverb and echo directly off the App. This feature is incredible. Put your headphones on or connect to a speaker and feel like a rock star any where. Busk on the streets. Its a one man super busker kit. Relax in comfort anywhere and create your own meditation music. This is so unique , so cool and so easy to do. 

Virtual reality Another great feature we are adding is the Virtual reality feature on the app. With a $10 dollar set of virtual reality headset you can now Jam anywhere you would like to be. Select a Virtual reality movie direct from the app and start jamming. We will be constantly adding VR movies giving you a much greater range of V R places you can jam in. It is seriously cool.

Custom Colors.


We are featuring 2 new custom painted Saxmonica’s. Carbon fibre and swirling Crimson. These are coated in a 2 pot industrial paint that is rock hard and its possible to cut and polish any light scratches that will appear in time, always ensuring your Saxmonica will look great in years to come.

Meditation Music.



 We have created a new sound in meditation. 

Our meditation backing tracks have all been designed to suit 

the Saxmonica sound.  It’s very easy to play over them so you can 

chill out anytime any place. 

This works beautifully with a range of new soulful meditation backing tracks. 

Now you can put our beautifully arranged backing tracks on 

and just play gently over the top of them to create your very own 

healing sounds. Meditation sounds. Space jazz meditation is a musical

category containing many different styles of music from around the 

world, which includes many genres and instruments. We’ve select the 

right instruments and tune them to the right frequencies to suit the 

Saxmonica sound. Any sound is a frequency. 

When you put on headphones and 

listen to two sounds with different frequencies — one in your left ear 

and one in your right ear — your brain compensates for the difference 

and produces a third frequency. 

That third frequency is called binaural 

beat. This is a very unique concept as once again the Saxmonica 

plays beautifully over them creating beautiful relaxing tracks for your

self or others to listen to. When sound waves reach our ears it increases Clarity, balance, Relaxation, Improved memory, concentration,Improved sleep (both in quality and quantity)A stronger immune system Improved creativity & productivity

 Find the tone and jam to the beat. 3500 Units Stacked, Packed, and Shipped.

Look at the great health and mental benefits of learning a Saxmonica Breathing, Fingering, dexterity, Meditation, Challenge, Creativity Communication through music, Meeting people, Coordination Achievement, General fun and Feel good factor.

Saxmonica is the Ultimate Travellers Instrument.

If you want to make money on the road, the Saxmonica is second to none.

Busking with the app, open mic nights, or just killing time in 

airports, train stations and other crazy locations, the Saxmonica and 

App is unsurpassed for ease and portability.

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14th of March

Saxmonica generation 2

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