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Saxmonica Media Kit. 
A great Gateway Instrument 
The world needs a new learner instrument.
Saxmonica is it 
Millions of people try to learn an instrument only too fail.
Music over the years has become very complicated with so many options , teachers and  genres etc. 
Where do you start ?
The Saxmonica gives you a great introduction to music as a simple little instrument.
It can be taken anywhere and played anywhere.    Most instruments are heavy, hard to carry and very fragile so you have to be very care full about how and where  you use them.
The Saxmonica is unbreakable and yet producers an amazing sound.
It can be taken anywhere and played in so many different situations.
As a gateway instrument it is unsurpassed for cost , duration and sound. 
Included in the package is access to easy tutorials where we concentrate on getting the basics right.  We steer well away from technical music and just get the player to start making great sounds. 
There is a 20 tune song book with classic  tunes and hundreds of original backing tracks to play over. 
In summary the Saxmonica is an amazing gateway instrument that will last you a lifetime and give you an understanding of how music really works.
As you develop your sound your music knowledge will develop and give you an amazing insight into what music actually is. 
Put simply we just blends sound. 
The minute you start jamming over beats you will understand music in a way that no one will ever teach you.
As the creator  I promise that if you follow the basic tutorials ,28 days later you will be a musician with a knowledge that you will have for theorist of your life and that can be adapted to all instruments out there.
So for $85 dollars you get an instrument that will last for a lifetime.  
That you can take with you anywhere and that will allow you to contribute
musically in almost any environment.
When you get it right the Saxmonica makes
you feel like a rock star.
The Generation 1 is where it starts. 
It plays all the songs and will jam over hundreds of backing tracks.
The Generation 2 
has the additional tubes giving it a massive range 
It will play over 10 keys allowing you to jam in all situations 
 The Saxminica is great for smaller handed people
It works exactly the same as the bigger units.
It plays all the songs and is great to jam over all the backing tracks. 
We have completed new tutorials along with hundreds of backing tracks and complied them on a dedicated YouTube channel.
There you will find all the tips and tricks needed to master this amazing little instrument in days.
Following that we have show you how to easily make the jump to a full size Saxophone.
Everything learnt on the Saxmonica transfers directly through to the Saxophone taking years off the learning process.
The Saxmonica comes with a cool little carry bag and breaks
into 2 pieces that easily fits into a jacket pocket so
can be taken anywhere.