Surfers Sole. On Kickstarter soon.

We are hoping to generate enough in pledges to get this amazing little 21st century surf innovation to the market. 

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        Feet are your weapons.   Treat them well with the 

                       Surfers Sole 

The Surfers Sole a fexible , stretchy foot wrap that hooks over your toes,  wraps around your foot , and re-secures to the toes making the fitting very solid and  comfortable. 
Just before venturing out , fit it to your foot , hit that reef with confidence that you have never had before,  paddle out remove it and wrap it to your leash , surf the day and refit just before the last wave so you can  hit that reef or sharp rocks with confidence that your feet are well protected.  


This amazing stretchy foot wrap will prevent all foot injuries while crossing blazing hot sands, crawling over jagged rocks or cautiously grinding over coral reefs. 

Paddle ins and paddle outs just got easier.


On Kickstarter Soon 


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