The Saxmonica

Saxmonica is a very cool genuine pocket sax. It sounds like a sax, plays like a sax but fits in your pocket so you are ready to jam anywhere anytime. Full tutorials at or saxmonica youtube. We have developed an App with a range of customised backing tracks and 30 short video tutorials that will get you up to speed very easily. This is the greatest intro into music. We hope you enjoy it.


Our Story


The Saxmonica was created by Nick Millington. Nick had always loved the sound of the Saxophone but wanted an instrument that was portable and didn’t take years of practice to learn. After looking into what was available he realised that he would have to make it himself. 


So he did.


A few years tinkering in his garage and the Saxmonica was born. What he came up with was a basic cross between a Saxophone and a Tin Whistle. Combining his preconditions of portability and ease of use with quality design and toughness in the face of any environment Nick has come up with an exceptional instrument which is a delight to newcomer and woodwind veteran alike.


A successful Kickstarter campaign later and the dream was a reality. Nick soon realised that that even though it was relatively easy to learn some tutorials were called for. Making the tutorials led to the idea of making some backing tracks available for people to play along with. And so the Saxmonica App was born. The App combines 30 tutorials broken into easy sections plus over 100 backing tracks in various genres that can be used for Busking, Practice, or just playing with your friends anytime, anywhere.